Material Matters: Design Lab

  • swissnex San Francisco 730 Montgomery St San Francisco, CA

Attend a full-day design session with new biodegradable material FluidSolids®—win a fellowship to Zurich, Switzerland.

Apply till May 31 on:

Realize the potential of a game-changing renewable material, FluidSolids, developed in Switzerland. FluidSolids is made entirely of industrial by-products and is fully biodegradable yet offers flexibility in production and application, replacing the need for metal or plastic.

20 industrial design students and young professionals are invited for a one-day lab.

In the evening, an esteemed jury selects the best ideas and awards a winner with a $3,000 travel grant and a fellowship at FluidSolids in Zurich to make his or her design a reality.

The awards are followed by a panel discussion on the role of new materials in innovative design. 

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